Kamil Kowalczyk “Atmospherics”, ppld01, 2012, digital only release. Available from all major digital stores worldwide, like iTunes, Amazon.mp3, eMusic etc and Kamil’s Bandcamp page.

Second album from Kamil Kowalczyk released on Prototyp Produktions Ltd, including 8 brand new tracks, combining drone, space, ambient and soundscapes with various samples and field recordings.











1. This will be one of those reviews that ends with me suggesting you have a listen for yourself. Kamil Kowalczyk’s Atmospheres is eight tracks of very minimal electronic drone. Tones oscillate and intersect, sometimes underlaid by a bass waveform, but not often feeling like they’re heading anywhere. There’s a superficiality of tone that wears thin on me not too far into the disc. Even when I’ve had it comes as part of a shuffle, it just proves too static–no pun intended–to hold my attention. This is my second outing with Kowalczyk’s work, and I must say I just don’t get it. If your tastes run toward experimental/noise, your opinion may vary.